Archangel Raphael Icon Mounted Print

$ 10.00

Heat laminated print of the Archangel Raphael Icon mounted on 3/4 inch mdf.  Watermarks do not appear on the actual icon itself.


The Archangel Raphael holds a fish in reference to his appearance in the Old Testament Book of Tobit.

Tobit Chapter 6

[1] Now as they proceeded on their way they came at evening to the Tigris river and camped there. [2] Then the young man went down to wash himself. A fish leaped up from the river and would have swallowed the young man;  [3] and the angel said to him, "Catch the fish." So the young man seized the fish and threw it up on the land. [4] Then the angel said to him, "Cut open the fish and take the heart and liver and gall and put them away safely." [5] So the young man did as the angel told him; and they roasted and ate the fish.  And they both continued on their way until they came near to Ecbatana. [6] Then the young man said to the angel, "Brother Azarias, of what use is the liver and heart and gall of the fish?"  [7] He replied, "As for the heart and liver, if a demon or evil spirit gives trouble to any one, you make a smoke from these before the man or woman, and that person will never be troubled again. [8] And as for the gall, anoint with it a man who has white films in his eyes, and he will be cured."

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