Holy Mandylion with Cherubim and Angels Icon Mounted Print

$ 10.00

9x12 inch heat laminated print of the Holy Mandylion with Cherubim and Angels Icon mounted on 3/4 inch mdf.  Watermarks do not appear on the actual icon itself.


During the life of Christ in the Syrian city of Edessa, there lived a king named Abgar who had leprosy.  King Abgar had not met Christ, but believed in him.  King Abgar sent his court painter Ananias to the Holy Land with a letter asking the Lord to come to Edessa to heal him.  Ananias also had orders that if he could not get the Lord to come to Edessa that he was to paint an image of the Lord, but Ananias was unable to paint the Lord’s image.  The Lord touched a towel to his face and gave it to Ananias, and on the towel the face of Christ was miraculously imprinted, but not made by hands.  Ananias took the image of Christ not made by hands back to King Abgar, who seeing the towel and believing, was healed of all but a small bit of leprosy.  Later the Apostle Thaddeus of the 70 came and preached the Gospel to King Abgar, and to the people of the city of Edessa.  King Abgar was healed of the rest of his leprosy, and all of the people of the city of Edessa came to believe in Christ.  The napkin which King Abgar received became the pattern for the Icon which the Church calls the “Holy Mandylion” or “Holy Napkin.”  This same icon is also called “The Face of Christ not Made by Hands.”  This icon is similar to, but different from the image on Veronica’s Veil.

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